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Phil Mushnick

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Celtics' Game 7 flop felt like a bad sequel to this embarrassment

It was unforgettable, if not unforgivable, for senseless, highest-level pro basketball. 

Why does MLB have to honor the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence?

If a Law of Averages exists, Rob Manfred is due to get one right. Long overdue.

Wonder if NBA legend would back his parlay pushing -- even at a discount

Charles Barkley — the all-knowing, all-seeing, must-embrace media superstar with an admitted gambling problem — continues to take the dough to endorse anything.

SNY crew keeps excusing Pete Alonso's boorish actions, poor play

Note to SNY crew: Stop the nonsense. Even Pete Alonso said his base running was inexcusable.

Hiring vulgar sports personality shows just how low ESPN is willing to go

McAfee has vowed that he will not compromise or be compromised.

Sports media keep letting boorish behavior and bad actions rule the day

What once would have been impossible due to a shame factor, especially shame administered by a sports media that represented the public trust, is kaput.

Rays star joins growing list of me-first athletes disrespecting the game

Hitting a home run, or even a double no longer speaks for itself.

Why Bob Huggins’ vile slur wasn't surprising

Enshrined in the Hall of Fame for no apparent good deeds other than winning by whatever sleazy means it took, Huggins was fully indulged by the highest authorities.

Women’s sports suffering through bogus wins by transgender competitors

If one disagreed on the matter of fundamental unfairness — especially to biological women — one was out of modern step, self-relegated to antiquity.

Sports spiraling downward as it keeps ignoring the illogical

The illogical and the inane continue to dominate sports, The Post's Phil Mushnick writes.

Fired ESPN reporter's vulgar comment wasn’t her first journey into the objectionable

Last week, ESPN fired foul-mouthed, ethnicity-slinging field reporter Marly Rivera for a withering verbal attack on a rival Yankee Stadium reporter.

Baseball name for this pitch just latest bit of sports' Pig Latin

Baseball's "sweeper" pitch is just the latest example of unnecessary new-age baseball talk, Phil Mushnick writes.

Pandering Fox Sports host's past Draymond Green flip shouldn't have been a surprise

In 2021, Cowherd’s podcast network added Warriors “star” Draymond Green, the NBA's 33-year-old juvenile delinquent and threat to marginalized society.

Michael Kay continues to show contempt for his audience

In his 31 years as a Yankees’ broadcaster, Michael Kay has painted himself into a corner that his fame and fortune cannot escape or reconcile.

YES actually made baseball's most boring situation interesting

Cherished sportscasters do their best work in blowouts, and YES producer Troy Benjamin and director Dan Barr did that in the Yankees' game Thursday.

Late WFAN host was true old-school man of honor

Four days later, it remains a kick in the gut that we suddenly lost Rick Wolff to a brain tumor at 71.

Women's basketball dragged itself to new low

What this women’s season featured was a widespread depreciation of the standards of minimal decency, especially as practiced by our major universities.

SNY announcers forced laughter hurting Mets' broadcasts

SNY Mets’ crew, Gary Cohen, Ron Darling, Keith Hernandez and floating story-teller Steve Gelbs too often erupt in unnatural phony laughter.

Sport leagues don't really care about social issues -- just PR

The forced version of change — the choice of sports holding themselves at ransom — is the equivalent of playing a losing hand, cards up, raising all the way.

A bevy of March Madness lessons

A rundown of the 12 things we learned or relearned during the NCAA Tournament.