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About ducking time: Apple to finally tweak iPhone autocorrect function

"In those moments where you just want to type a ducking word, well, the keyboard will learn it, too," said Craig Federighi, Apple's software chief.

I mistook superglue for my eye drops and fused my eyes shut

A woman on TikTok has shared how she ended up in the ER after mistakenly using super glue instead of her eye drops.

Loneliness could be deadly for cancer patients: American Cancer Society

A new study suggests a link between loneliness and survival rates.

Mom slammed for selling T-shirts her 5-year-old made to fund his 'piggy bank'

“100 (sic) of the profits go into his piggy bank as he does not have a bank account yet," she said.

People are confusing 'poppers' for energy shots — and dying, FDA warns

“Make no mistake, ingesting or inhaling poppers seriously jeopardizes your health,” said a pharmacist who works for the FDA.

I got pregnant at the same time as my mom — and gave birth 2 weeks apart

Melanie Warburton, 44, came home to tell her family that she was pregnant while daughter Keesha Warburton, 24, had news of her own.

Student’s alleged attempt to cheat with AI hilariously fails

A 7th grader was supposedly busted for using the tech.

I sat on the toilet — and then my knee bones shattered

“I felt this immense pain and it was almost like a pop — it was really traumatic."

My parents tried to exorcise the demons that were ‘making me gay’

A young gay man — and nephew of former Republican Rep. Vicky Hartzler — revealed that his devout Christian parents were convinced his bedroom was possessed by demons.

Bar cancels event offering free drinks based on bra size: 'The bigger the better'

Using the slogan “the bigger the better”, the Woolshed on Hindley’s event, ‘Hang your bra in the shed’, encouraged women to take their bras off in exchange for free alcohol.

Study finds which snacks make or break a road trip

It’s not the destination that matters most — more than two-thirds of Americans believe snacks can make or break a road trip.

I'm a 'bearded lady' — after fighting it for years, I now love all of me

“I tried everything within my power to hide the hair and what was happening to my body which caused a lot of stress and anxiety for me for many years."

The top 50 US cities for mosquitoes: See where yours ranks

As America heads outdoors, hungry for picnics and barbecues after a long winter, something else is hungry, too – mosquitoes.

'American Pie' icon Don McLean on AI: 'It'll be better than what passes itself off as music today'

"I'm the only real guy left. I'm really me! This is me! Here I am."

Dear Abby: Should I ask my schizophrenic baby mama for child support?

Dear Abby advises a father who is wondering if it would be appropriate to take his mentally ill ex-wife to court for child support payments.

3 'brand-new' Teslas found in China after 13 years now worth a record $2M

A trio of brand-new Teslas Roadsters that were sitting in shipping containers in Quingdao, China since 2010 are about to be sold for a record amount.

Dear Abby: I have an invisible illness and people won't stop telling me what to do

A reader suffers from an invisible illness and needs a polite way to stop people from diagnosing them.

I get six week 'hangovers' thanks to chronic migraines

A woman from the United Kingdom suffers from chronic migraines that sometimes leave her with a "six-week" hangover.

Meet the support group who use sheep to help people

Two women from the United Kingdom are helping people who struggle with mental health by using sheep for animal therapy.

How Meghan Markle and Prince Harry will celebrate daughter Lilibet's second birthday: royal expert

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's daughter, Lilibet, turned two today, and her party will apparently be an "all-American affair," according to one royal expert.