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I got pregnant at the same time as my mom — and gave birth 2 weeks apart

Melanie Warburton, 44, came home to tell her family that she was pregnant while daughter Keesha Warburton, 24, had news of her own.

Student’s alleged attempt to cheat with AI hilariously fails

A 7th grader was supposedly busted for using the tech.

I sat on the toilet — and then my knee bones shattered

“I felt this immense pain and it was almost like a pop — it was really traumatic."

My parents tried to exorcise the demons that were ‘making me gay’

A young gay man — and nephew of former Republican Rep. Vicky Hartzler — revealed that his devout Christian parents were convinced his bedroom was possessed by demons.

Stunned nurse caught 'witches holding a carcass-eating ritual' on security camera

It was the wicked Witch Of The Beast. A woman attempted to capture nocturnal wildlife on camera, only to inadvertently document what appeared to be "naked witches eating a carcass"...

'New York's finest' cop has fans begging to be locked up

It should be criminal to look this good.

I served my country in the Air Force — now I serve beers in a bikini

"God bless America," gushed one fan.

Making women look dumb is a disturbing new podcast trend

"Why people continue to go on this podcast I just can't even begin to understand," content creator Drew Afualo said.

Time capsule from 1905 discovered in fire station: 'So much history'

“It was great being able to watch the opening and reveal of all this outstanding history!” one local resident shared.

Why the US military almost blew the moon up with a nuclear bomb

It's one giant explosion for mankind.

I’m a ‘passport bro’: We want 'traditional' wives, not ‘mail order brides’

"A lot of women overseas are taught from a young age from their mothers and other members of their family how to treat a man and how to make their...

People shocked to discover why women shouldn't wear red to weddings

White isn’t the only color to avoid at a wedding, according to bridal fashion experts.

Man, 81, breaks hip during 3-hour attack by over 200 killer bees

What a buzzkill. An 81-year-old Oklahoma man named Carl Amos is lucky to be alive following a savage three-hour attack by over 200 "killer bees" -- which was so vicious...

My eerie decor includes a used coffin — and it's scaring off renters

It's supernatural -- and super hard to rent out.

I'm a 'mommy' dominatrix — CEOs pay me to humiliate them with my hijab on

Mistress Cleopatra, 32, who was raised in a traditional Muslim households, earns thousands on OnlyFans as a dominatrix specializing in CEOs -- who she happily humiliates with her hijab on.

License plate commemorating War of 1812 unintentionally contains website for online casino in the Phillipines

A web address on a license plate in Maryland is unintentionally leading to the wrong destination.

My toddler is almost as tall as me — and she's only 18 months old

Proud mama Clara Thomas' youngest child Magnolia is already taller than her 3-year-old sister.

Real child murder victims recreated by AI in disturbing true-crime deepfake trend

The clips show young children, sometimes bruised, narrating their own chilling circumstances with computer-generated voices.

Students prank sleeping principal at home: ‘You are in the most trouble’

The high school administrator did not expect to be hosting a senior sleepover.

My 'pervert' father-in-law is obsessed with my breast milk, I told his wife and things only got worse

A new mom explained how various incidents, including making inappropriate comments in their family group chat and eating her breastmilk muffins, ultimately led her to confront her inlaws.